Publix: GingerSnaps

So this is my first official post, featuring a CPG. Rather fitting since I’m a sugar junkie and love all things sweet. I’ve been really paying attention to Publix brand packaging lately. With the state of the economy the majority of people I know are seeking to save money wherever they can, and Publix does a fantastic job of making the “generic” brand attractive. I think it’s some of the most creative around, not only because it’s eye-catching, but they take great care in making their store brand entertaining as well. Case in point, their version of GingerSnaps (which are quite tasty, I might add):

Publix: GingerSnap Cookies

I love the play on the “turtle” theme, the continuation of the color palette ginger snaps are known for, and, of course, the clever tagline “Come on. Get snappy.” I mean, really, you would buy this at least once, wouldn’t you?


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