Palmolive: Pomegranite Dishwashing Liquid

Palmolive, a Colgate Company, has been a staple in household cleaning items for years-and-years. One of my favorite product packages in their collection are their dishwashing liquid items. I recently purchased the Pomegranite Dishwashing Liquid, not only because my attention was drawn to its packaging, but also in anticipation of the enjoyable scent I was promised to experience while using it. (I was in dishwashing liquid buying mode, just FYI.)

Palmolive: Pomegranite Dish Liquid

Here are a few things I really enjoy about this packaging:

1. The color. The pomegranite color is bright, cheery. Just begging to be let in to one’s home.
2. The tie-in with the fruit. It’s pretty much a guarantee that any “fruity” product is going to smell good, right?
3. The fun tone. “Sparkle on with an exhilarating scent!” Even if it’s not true, I appreciate the intent of the fun I’m going to have while washing dishes!

Have you ever tried this product?

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