Altoids: Wintergreen

I’m a fanatic about fresh breath. Lucky for those folks I come in contact with, huh? And I certainly have my “go to” products for maintaining said breath. But as far as mints are concerned: enter Altoids.

Now I’m not loyal to any specific flavor of Altoids mint, but I do rather enjoy the Wintergreen. Part of that is because by looking at the packaging alone, I get a sense that trying one of these little treats will bring a cool, fresh, minty experience to my mouth. And who doesn’t want that?! Not only from the appearance of the mint leaves on the front, but also the light turquoise border surrounding the edges. Cool. Light. Winter.

The notion that these little guys are “curiously” strong is just taunting the consumer to give it a try, right? I mean, I certainly want to see if it will deliver.

I’m also one of those consumers who identifies with and appreciates a little humor in my marketing/advertising messages, so when I opened up this Altoids package to find this, I instantly let out a giggle:

Altoids: Wintergreen

I don’t know about you, but that just totally killed my weekend plans! It would seem these are curiously strong.

What are your thoughts on this particular product? Would you make a purchase based on the outside and inside packaging efforts?

Do you have a favorite flavor of Altoids? Is it ultimately the flavor that makes it your fave, or does the packaging have any influence?


5 thoughts on “Altoids: Wintergreen

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  2. My pack of Altoids has the legend:
    ‘The strength of Altoids comes from the use of real peppermint oil and the dreams of pregnant mermaids’

    Bonkers 🙂

  3. ive only bought these once, not sure if i got a bad batch but they were not strong at all. and their claim of being strong is what makes me question what is going on. i also bought ice breakers mints the same day and those i would say are strong, the altoids i would say are weaker than any mint gum ive ever had.

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