Tide: Stain Release Boost

Tide has been a staple in American homes for decades. And those people I know who use Tide are long-time loyal devotees. I suppose that speaks volumes for the Tide brand, no?

Earlier this week I was in the store and noticed this Tide Stain Release Boost product, in very bright and vibrant packaging. It immediately caught my attention, and quite frankly made me happy!

Here are a few things I really dig about this package presentation:

1. The immediate delivery of what the product does. Right at the top, the consumer knows this product is supposed to help optimize the cleaning performance of laundering.
2. The subtle disappearance of the dot above the “i.” I can only assume this was intentional to mirror the disappearance of the stains & dirt on the clothes.
3. The elaboration on what the consumer can expect by using this product. “Stain removal. Whitening. Brightening.” There you have it. No questions needed.

Another thing I really appreciate about this Tide packaging is the consistent brand experience it provides consumers on through to the online piece. Notice the transition of the same color palettes?

Way to go with this one, Tide! If you’d like additional information on what the benefits of this product are, visit the Tide website*.

*not an affiliate link


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