Little Debbie: Honey Buns

What can I say about any Little Debbie product but YUM! Their products were definitely something that was always stocked in our pantry when I was growing up. So wrong, it’s right! But the Honey Buns I recently ran across in the store captured my attention.

Here’s a look:

Little Debbie: Honey Buns
Let’s talk about a handful of things I like about this packaging:

1. The honeycomb background. It’s a nice little tie-in with the honey-flavored food. Subtle, yet noticeable.
2. The colors in the font. The “Honey” color is…well, honey. And the yellow in the “Buns” creates a bright, cheery feel. You’re almost guaranteed an exciting experience when biting into one of the buns.
3. Featuring the product. I don’t mind saying it’s not the most flattering picture of a product, in my opinion, but at least the consumer knows what they can expect when they open up the package.
4. The iconic image. It may not necessarily be the most modern, but the Little Debbie image in the upper lefthand corner of the box is consistent with the company’s other product packaging on the shelves. And honestly, it’s been around for so long it probably brings some sort of connection and reliability with the consumer to the brand.

Do you agree? What’s your favorite Little Debbie package?


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