Crush: Orange

I love any product that transports me back to childhood. That includes not only the product itself but what the product’s outside looks like. My memory–like many–is easily triggered by visuals. And when I was a kid I always felt like drinking orange soda was such a treat.

This Crush 6-pack is quite vibrant and definitely stands out among its neighbors on the shelf. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean:

Here are a few things I enjoy about this Crush packaging:

1. The colors. As I already mentioned, this product is extremely vibrant, which makes me as a consumer feel like it’s fun…and I can expect to have fun when I drink it. It also makes me think of summertime, and Crush would be something to quench my thirst during the heated summer months.
2. The font. To me, the font is playful. Youthlike. All leading me back to remembering when I was a youngin’. Not necessarily fond of the green border/outline around the font, but oh well.
3. The graphics. There are a couple of things I quite like about the graphics. There’s the obvious: the orange slice. That would be pretty much a given for any product development or marketing team. The thing that really made me ponder, is the second key visual, wrapped around the font itself. I can’t determine whether it could be popsicle sticks, or perhaps a window awning (that’s probably a stretch). Regardless, both of these remind me of summer (hey…I’m from the south). Of course, it could mean absolutely nothing at all!

Another aspect I really, really like is the extension of the fun and vibrant packaging to the Crush website. Definitely a consistent consumer experience. Check-it-out and see what I mean when you have a chance.

What are your thoughts here? Do you like the way Crush has packaged this soda?


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