Back to Nature Foods

I’m the first to admit I’m not the most eco-friendly consumer out there. I mean, I’m definitely conscious about some of my behaviors (I collect the recyclables I use at home and take them to the office for…well, recycling) but there could certainly be more attention paid to my carbon footprint.

I do make an attempt to purchase recycled or refurbished products when my budget allows, and while on a recent shopping trip I didn’t actually purchase any Back to Nature foods I did spend a few minutes looking at their various package offerings.

So what do I love so much about these packages? Well, if I’m to believe their marketing efforts, I get a sense of “doing something” by making a purchase. You know…giving back to the planet. The products are 100% natural, the boxes are 100% recycled, and the ingredients featured on the packages themselves well represents what the food inside is made of by way of images and copy. “No high fructose corn syrup.” “Gluten free.” “Wheat flour.” It’s all there in front of the consumer’s face.

I also really like that the company interjects a bit of fun at the bottom of the packages, by adding “of enjoyment.” Healthy and green doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and tasteless, and I think that’s what the folks at Back to Nature were going for.

Now, I can’t specifically recall if it’s featured on their packages, but I’m in love with their philosophy on why the do what they do and what food is/should be:

  • Happiness. Food should make you smile.
  • Connection. Food should connect you to family, community and the planet.
  • Simplicity. Food should be uncomplicated—deliciously simple.
  • Natural Ingenuity. Food should be made with the finest ingredients.

Well, great. Now I really want to try these cookies and crackers and I’m hungry! Have you tried any of the Back to Nature products?

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