Not Your Mother’s Hairstyling Product

Minimal yet impactful. Sometimes this is the consumer packaging that works the best. And I think Not Your Mother’s brand is a great example of that. They don’t actually need a bunch of bells & whistles because their creativity comes in the form of being clever.

Sure, I like the colorful “hair” at the top of these bottles, but the real fun comes in the product names. While fun and often cheeky (e.g., “She’s A Tease”?), you know exactly which product is going to work best for you and your hair, and ultimately what the outcome of using the product is going to be. Take a peek:


As someone who tends to appreciate tidiness, I like how the presentation of each product is basically in a column. Very clean, neat. I also like the break in the product description, someone separate from everything else. That’s where I know I should focus my attention. (There’s also a touch of personalization, in the signature at the bottom.)

The one other thing that really stands out to me–that I love (no pun intended)–is the heart in the brand’s logo. It’s interesting to me, the whole spin on “not your mother’s.” – M♥THER’S. We’re obviously meant to connect the emotion of being cared for by out mother, right? Yet we’re being a bit rebellious in our actions by using these products. I mean, our mother would never use them. There’s a certain allure about that.

Want to find out more about Not Your Mother’s products? Check-out the product section of their website. You can also keep up with them by Following them on Twitter and/or Liking their Facebook Page. Have you ever used any of Not Your Mother’s product?


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