Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb

It’s been awhile since posting here on the blog. Man, life sure does get in the way of things sometimes, doesn’t it? But we’re back and will do our best to update regularly.

Fragrances (colognes & perfumes, mainly) have to fight hard for the attention of consumers, I would imagine. The various types of packaging–both the outer packages as well as the bottles the fragrances are housed in–have always captured my attention. Sure, you can be loyal to a certain smell (I have several) but other than a sample in a magazine how do fragrances jump from the shelves to our noses?

New fragrances appear on the market every day. Television spots frequently wallup us over the head, urging us to purchase them in order to become sexy or attractive, or be like the most popular celebrity of the moment. But then there are those that are sophisticated, timeless…

The way a fragrance is packaged is a big reason why I’ll decide to smell something when shopping for something new. Now yes…featured here is perfume. For ladies. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. While out shopping with a friend of mine recently I was immediately drawn to this on the shelf.

UntitledViktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb

I really enjoy the way the product is presented, in an envelope-type package with a “seal” on the outside. Gives the consumer a feeling of opening something special, private almost. And the black and pink colors combined together project the feeling of something almost regal, that only royalty might be exposed to back in the medieval days.

Have you ever browsed through a fragrance store, in amazement of how many scents are available to consumers. Are you a fan of Flowerbomb? Would love to get your opinion.


2 thoughts on “Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb

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