Palmolive: Limited Edition Dishwashing Liquid

Palmolive dishsoap has been a fascination of mine for a long time. Don’t ask why because I don’t know. But when I first saw these limited edition packages for the first time I was like, “yes”! (Ok, I get excited about really, really small things.)

I don’t believe these around around for consumer consumption any longer but I snagged a couple of bottles a few months back – just now getting around to posting about them.



Here are some things that I love about these packages:

  • Happiness. How can you not feel happy when you’re staring back at such bright and cheery colors?
  • Spring-y. Obviously that’s what Palmolive wants us as consumers to identify with. I particularly feel this with the package on the top. Pretty straightforward, what with the flowers on the bottle.
  • Vintage. Something about the package on the bottom dishsoap feels very “Brady” to me. The colorblocking. For some reason–as stereotypical as this may sound–I just think of Mom in the kitchen handwashing dishes, and that gives me a warm, comfortable feeling.
  • Limited Edition. This creates a sense of urgency to purchase, because we as consumers know it won’t be around forever to own.

What are your thoughts on this Palmolive dishsoap? Do you share the opinions above? Have your own? I’d love to hear them.


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