You’ve undoubtedly seen got2b sitting on the shelves of your local grocer, drugstore, or somewhere like Target or Walmart. And while I’m not necessarily a “consumer” of these products right now (I used it frequently when I had really short hair), I’ve always been very attracted to their product packaging.

A few things I like about these products:

  • It’s youthful. Let’s admit it, we’re not getting any younger. I’m certainly not. But the vibrant, colorful, energetic packaging makes me think of being a youth running around in the field. And yes – I actually did that when I was younger.
  • Fun product descriptions. Lustre. Collagen. Kinky. Yup…that’s hair for ya!
  • The bright colors. As I already mentioned, the colors of the bottles are quite bright and energetic, and just make me feel all-around-happy. Here’s to hoping my hair is happy as well.


So the packages are fun, but does the product deliver? That’s s always the big question for me. From what I recall – yes, it doese!

The got2b website is currently under construction so you can’t really learn too much about their product there right now. However, you can Like them on Facebook to connect.


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