Macadamia Natural Oil: Hair Care Products

Why do hair products always seem to have such a variety when it comes to packaging and consumer appeal? I mean, this blog is only a few months old and I’ve already posted numerous pieces about hair care packages. I suppose everyone likes to have nice looking hair so the market is very competitive when it comes to these products. Macadamia Natural Oil is one of the many players in the “hair” game. And I’m glad they are because I really enjoy their packaging.

Not familiar? Here are some examples:


I thoroughly enjoy the color combination of the products. There’s something about the green and brown combined together that create a really rich feeling for me. And I guess that’s a good thing because Macadamia is a tad on the high-end of the hair product market. (You can catch a glimpse of the masque pricepoint in the righthand photo.) But hey…sometimes you gotta pay for quality, right? To add to that, I think the decision of font(s) compliment the “richness” quite well. What do you think? Interested in learning a little bit more about the history of Macadamia Natural Oil? They’ve posted a great video on, which I’m also sharing here:

You can also check out their full suite of products here. And to get a little more connected to this brand be sure to Follow them on Twitter. We are….

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