Coca-Cola: Coke Zero

I love Coke. Woah! Coca-Cola. Let me just make that clear right now. And maybe I don’t love it but I’ve always really, really enjoyed the taste. Haven’t really ever been a fan of the flavor of Diet Coke but have consumed it for many years simply because of the absence of calories (not that I’m a big calorie counter).

So when Coke Zero came on the market not too long ago I was definitely interested to give it a try. And honestly, I quite like the taste. But this isn’t what we talk about here. We want to talk about what the new Coke Zero packaging looks like, right?

UntitledUntitledKeep up with Coke Zero on Twitter.

It’s interesting because this product is being marketed as “the guy’s diet drink”, basically, so what better way to appeal to men than a black, masculine can with a football design? (I can’t speak to whether or not the football is always on the can, or if that’s just for football season.) But I think Coke does a great job of identifying and appealing to their target audience. Apparently I’m not the only one either because Coke Zero’s Facebook Fan Page already has 2.1M fans.

If you’re a guy, would you be able to walk around with confidence and carry this can?


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