Cemetery Girl: Paperback

So we’re introducing a new kind of product here on the site, one we haven’t quite addressed, that falls under the category of Books & Magazines. They are, after all, just as influential as other products/consumer packaging when it comes to how they look on the outside, and the role that plays in the consumer’s decision to purchase.

Case-in-point, I recently purchased a new book primarily based on its cover. Yup…that’s right, I judged it. Of course, I wouldn’t have purchased it if the content didn’t actually seem appealing to me, but it’s the cover that initially caught my attention…yelling at me from the shelves!

Cemetery Girl: Paperback

Well, obviously the book didn’t scream at me. It is, after all, a book. But I was drawn in and intrigued by the visual beauty of the book. Here are a few things I enjoy about the way this product is presented:

Cemetery Girl: Paperback

1. The key visual. Without a doubt the strongest force on the book cover, the graphic of a girl’s face hidden through the barren trees of winter (we can only assume), is pretty powerful. I really like the fact that we as the audience only see the bottom portion of the young person’s face, emphasizing the point that whatever happens to her it could really be anyone’s daughter (or sister, or niece, or…). We’re drawn in more, identifying with the story. Haunting, if you ask me.

2. The trees.Everything seems creepier, sadder, darker, lonlier in the winter time, so it’s quite important that’s when this story takes place. We get the sense something terrible happens during this time…and in the woods….

Cemetery Girl: Paperback

3. The font. I don’t necessarily know if there’s an “official” font type used for grave headstones, but this looks like it’d be a good one. Definitely makes me think of death, mortality.

Now, I have some opinions about why the shading at the bottom of the graphic starts out lighter and slowly blends to a darker shade, but I’m going to hold that….

What do you think? Well thought-out book cover? Or just happenstance?

By the way, turns out judging has served me well: I’ve only just started reading the book (about 70 pages in) but so far it’s really good. If you want to check out “Cemetery Girl” by David Bell you can purchase it on Amazon.com (not an affiliate link).

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