The Show: Argentinian Malbec

”In every bottle, big, bold wine meets big, bold label—a delicious departure from the mainstream.”

This statement is posted on the, and it’s totally true.

I recently made a trip to the grocery store and wanted to pick up a nice bottle of red wine to accompany a pasta I knew I was going to prepare for dinner that same evening. This Argentinian Malbec (my favorite) by Three Thieves (not previously familiar with them) certainly jumped off the shelves among the sea of others, and I decided to give it a shot. Don’t you think it’d grab your attention?

The Show: Argentinian Malbec

The Show: Argentinian MalbecThe Show: Argentinian Malbec

The Show: Argentinian Malbec

So here are a few things I really like about this label:

1. “The Show”. I really, really dig the font, including the fact that it’s red. I also think there’s alot of attention to the detail, including the brackets framing “the” and the rustic, antique sentiment.
2. The bucking horse. I’m not really sure what that implies (at first I thought the running of the bulls, but that’s Spain, right?!). Whatever it means we’re in for a wild ride!
3. The background treatment of the label. Reminds me a little bit of a circus, and we all know those can be fun and entertaining. And wild. Me thinks the makers of this wine are wanting the consumer to have fun and be entertained! It certainly highlights the horse we talked about previously.
4. The movie theme tie-in goes along with “The Show” theming. “Bieler*Gott*Scommes Productions.” I know I’m in for an experience with this product.

And this is on the inside of the package so it’s not an initial “influencer” on purchase, but how fun is the cork (sorry the image is a tad blurry)?!

The Show: Argentinian MalbecAnd a couple more photos to show the complete, all-around feel of the product:

The Show: Argentinian Malbec

The Show: Argentinian Malbec
One last thing is I think the use of limited hues conveys quite an impact. Everything is laid out so well and visually the eye knows exactly where to focus, so there’s really no need for an outrageous color palette.

I can say I definitely purchased this product specifically because of it’s jazzy presentation. And after having it with my pasta like I said I was going to I can also testify it’s quite tasty, by the way, so I will be purchasing again!

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3 thoughts on “The Show: Argentinian Malbec

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed the wine as much as we enjoyed making it..the label was done by our friends at Hatch Show Print in Nashville tn.. Roger Thief #3

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