FurGOpet: Deshedding Tool

Let me first start by saying I initially thought I would probably never buy this product by FurGOpet because…well, I don’t own a dog (might be a good idea for a gift, though, for someone I know who has a dog). But they have a version for CATS, too (I’m a cat owner!) I love this product packaging! It’s so cute, humorous.

Actually, some of the marketing we’re seeing here is pretty bold. I’ll give you a minute to think about it. Regardless, I think it’s quite clever. Let’s walk through this together, shall we? Untitled

  • I love that the dog is actually speaking to the consumer on the cover of the box. Makes it very relatable to the pet owner. I mean, who wouldn’t want to respond to that cute face?
  • Showing the consumer how the product works is always a good thing! Even though we can pretty much assume we know how a deshedder is going to work.
  • Types of animals this product is good for. Long hair and short hair dogs. Great information to convey to the consumer.
  • Logo. I love this logo! Great integration of the type of product this is. And fun!

Now here’s where I things get a little fuzzy (wink, wink). I have a sense of humor, for sure, but some folks do not. “You’ve got to be shedding me”. This is actually what caught my attention initially. What do you think? Too much? FurGOpet: Deshedding Tool Have you ever spotted this product in your pet store or supermarket? Ever used it?

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