Fazi Battaglia

Updated 2:37pm: Apparently my research isn’t quite so thorough. After visiting the Fazi Battaglia website I realize there’s an option to experience the site in English. Not-so-noticeably this feature is located in the upper righthand corner.

So, normally I cover-off on products I personally run across in life. But this one was sent to me by a fan/friend, who’s Instagram friend posted a photo of Fazi Battaglia, accompanied by the statement that she purchased the product solely based on the packaging. I love it! And can say I would probably purchase it as well because this packaging is awesome!

Actually, in spending a little bit of time on the site their entire suite of bottles/packaging is exquisite. I’m seriously very fond….

Now, I have no idea of the history behind the product or the company because their website is all in Italian (you’d think there’d be a complimentary English version), so all I can say is it’s a very sleek, sophisticated, dare I say sexy bottle. And I’m only assuming the paper wrapped around the neck is a romantically glorious story about Fazi Battaglia.

Do you like?


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