Folgers: Gourmet Selections

I luh-hu-hu-huve coffee. The entire experience it offers. In the morning. Occasionally in the afternoon. Regardless, it always makes me happy.

Now, coffee packaging isn’t something I normally consider “sexy” or even often appealing. I have my go-to brand, but I must admit these Folgers Gourmet Coffee packages are really quite tasty (wink)!


I’m not quite sure why some of the packages are all gold while the Vanilla Biscotti is blue, but I do think the overall gold tones convey a sense of exquisiteness, or specialness. Almost like you know you’re better than anyone else who might be consuming coffee at this moment.

The names also support the sentiment that this coffee is for the finer folks. Drizzle. Biscotti. Yum….

Are you a coffee drinker? What are your thoughts on this Folgers collection?

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One thought on “Folgers: Gourmet Selections

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