Irony Wine

It’s not always the fanciest of packages that grabs my attention; the simplest can be the most impactful. Recently I was at the grocer picking up some red wine to have to accompany a dinner I was planning on preparing. And there was just something about an Irony Wine–specifically the font on the label–that jumped out at me.


As with some of the reasons for my last posts on Fazi Battaglia and Folgers (which caused a bit of an uproar on Facebook, by the way, when I polled my Followers about whether they’d purchase or not), the font on this label/product really gives the sense of regality, sophistication, in my opinion.

Irony wines are as honest and true as their appellations are prestigious. Perfect for those whose enthusiasm for fine wine is rivaled only by their appreciation for all of life’s strange twists.

Obviously beyond the label there’s not really much else to speak about (aside from the stamp behind the logo/font, certainly representative of wine). Which is another reason I really like this package. It’s simple. To the point. No muss. Just wine….

If you’re interested in learning a little more about why this collection of wine is called Irony, take a few minutes to read about it on the site.


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