Sexiest Fantasies: Body Spray

Now, Sexiest Fantasies isn’t a product I would normally be attracted to as a consumer, being a guy and all. But it did catch my attention when I was recently in the store. The dark bottle was a stark contrast to the others around it, and actually made it stand out to me as a result.


I definitely think the lady lounging on the top is a fun little addition. And “On the Prowl”? Well…at least it’s pretty straightforward. I also quite enjoy the reflective nature of the bottle. It’s very sexy…. To see oneself reflecting back.

Now, I have no idea how the product smells – there was no sample available. Could smell like crap for all I know. So that would be the real test (as it always is), but I would have to say I’d be willing to give this a purchase simply based on the exterior (I won’t, though, because remember…I’m a guy!).

What about yourself? Have you ever, or would you, purchase Sexiest Fantasies simply based on its packaging?


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