Betsy Johnson: Too Too Fragrances gotta love Betsy Johnson. What?! You have absolutely no familiarity with who she is? I mean, I’m not an avid follower of the business she’s in but I definitely know her.

Well, you can read more about her on your own time here, but should know she has a zest, passion, and zeal for life and all the things it can potentially offer. So it’s no surprise her fragrance line, Too Too, and its accompanying packaging reflects her “zesty” outlook!

Now, I am so obviously not the target demographic for this product, but I was recently looking around for a new cologne for myself, and as I’ve mentioned before I’m highly intrigued by fragrance packaging. So during my excursion I spent some time looking around the store and with good reason this stood out to me.


I actually didn’t take the time to smell the perfume, which I should’ve. Because as we recall I’m willing to purchase something at least one based on how appealing it is on the outside, but if what’s inside the package sucks…well, that’s just too bad.

What I really like about these perfume bottles is they’re, most of all, fun. The darker top one has more of a “bad girl” type of feel to it (and that’s ok – speaks to a certain type of consumer, no doubt), and the bottom one is a little more “light” and playful. Wouldn’t you agree? I also love the detail right down to the fringe on the top of the package, which is completely representative of the goofy hair Betsy is always seen sporting.

So ladies: If you stumbled upon this in the store would you be willing to give it a shot based on the fun packaging alone? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Found out more about Besty by visiting You can also keep up with all things Betsy–including her fragrances–here:

2 thoughts on “Betsy Johnson: Too Too Fragrances

  1. Oh those are adorable! These would def stand out to me and I would have to smell it! SO yes, this works to get me to desire to smell this out of the hundreds of thousands perfumes out there!

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