Package Design and Its Role in Online Orders

While reading a blog post from a site I regularly enjoy, I stumbled across some interesting data surrounding the impact of packaging–specifically packaging of shipped items purchased online–and how that’s becoming so important to the consumer. I won’t repeat the information because I don’t steal content (you can read it yourself here), but I will post the chart containing the information I found interesting. Hope you do, too.


So while this “shipping packaging” may not have any initial influence over the purchase of the product, I bet it has an influence on repeat purchase intent….


One thought on “Package Design and Its Role in Online Orders

  1. Thanks for sharing, Ashley. Hard-to-open packaging is so incredibly frustrating. I wonder how commonly people choose not to repeat a given purchase based on the ease of package opening (which the data above indicates is the most important of the issues in regards to overall shopping experience.

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