Bee Natural Honey

This Bee Natural Honey product immediately stood out to me when I passed it during a visit to the grocery. I don’t eat honey often, and while I didn’t purchase this product during said visit I sure would be tempted to in the future…only based on the packaging alone (besides, how many “honey” tastes could there be on the market?).

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What I like.

The obvious thing that stands out is the resemblance to a honeycomb. The makers of this product could’ve easily gone with a simple, average package but not only did they cleverly go with the honeycomb look, the shape of the honey package is different and stands out among the others on the shelf. Anyone can see that.

I’m also a big fan of transparent packaging. Sure, the “pretty” stuff is really nice to look at, but if I can see what the product underneath is–what I’m actually expected to get once I make the purchase–that makes me happy. And this honey looks quite delicious. Don’t you think?

The double play on meaning is quite cute to me, too. It’s all natural honey, so why not be natural yourself when you’re consuming it?!

Sadly…I could find no website for these folks….

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