Linden Soaps

Personal care items, in my opinion, are some of the most beautifully packaged items in market. As we’ve talked about before, the competition is pretty fierce, so I suppose the packaging of these consumer goods have to be.

I received as a gift this Linden soap quite some time ago, and quite honestly it’s packaged so lovely I haven’t ever wanted to open it/use it. Currently, it lives in my guest bathroom.


The thing I mainly like about this soap is it gives a sense of sophistication, class. I feel a little fancier in this life knowing this sits in my house, for guests to view. Now, I know that’s not really true, but I think it speaks to the brilliance of the company for creating and presenting its product in this fashion.

I also really like Linden’s philosophy, which is clearly defined on the homepage of their website:

” The Linden Soap ™ base consists of rainwater and saponified pure grade olive, coconut, and palm oils. We add only 100% plant essential oils for scent. Botanicals and natural colorants distinguish each variety. This formula delivers a mild, gentle lather from long lasting bars. Linden Soaps ™ are designed for purity, performance, and practicality. “

Excellence. In. Nature. Nice!

More information about Linden Soaps products can be found at


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