Deluxe Dish Detergent

I love Dollar Tree. I admit I. There, I said it.

Some things are really worth purchasing at Dollar Tree, and others, unfortunately, are not. At least, in my opinion. This Deluxe Dish Detergent is the perfect example. I was completely influenced by it’s nice little bottle and label–not to mention the beautiful purple tint of the liquid implying the lavender flavor–but the product itself does not deliver.

UntitledAnd I should really clarify my statement here: The product certainly gets the dishes clean. That much I can say. You can tell, though, that the quality of the soap isn’t as great as say a Palmolive or other more well-known brands. This product is more watery, and is definitely not pleasant to the feel (if you want to wash your hands). My opinion, of course.

All that being said, I do still really like the package the soap is delivered in. The consumer can see what they’re getting via the clear bottle, and the soft feel of the color combined with the flowers conveys a very light experience. Just a case of where the package and the product quality aren’t on parallel paths. It’s highly unlikely I’ll purchase this product again.

What are your thoughts on this? Ever bought a product based on the package but the contents don’t deliver?

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