Pet Head Update

I recently reached out to the folks at Pet Head (love them) for an upcoming project for the site (more to come in the near future), and they kindly provided me with some pretty interesting updates going on with their company/brand. In the last year. Definitely want to share them as you might recall the Pet Head post that was published last March.

“As of June 2012 Pet Head has undergone an exciting company change and direction with it’s original creator taking back full responsibility of the brand direction in an effort to upgrade the quality of products driven by her passion and love for animals. As a result all of our product packaging and formulations have been redeveloped and upgraded as they are all made in the USA with a human grade. Pet Head is a premium range of luxury shampoos, conditioners, and sprays for dogs. Our products are manufactured in the USA and only contain premium, top quality ingredients. Each product is function specific created to cator for individual needs. All Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of parabens, petrolium derivatives, sulfate, and DEA + will not harm your dog(s) if licked or swallowed. Pet Head formulas are scented with natural ingredients, made in the USA. They smell and work great!”

The cat products mentioned in last year’s post are, unfortunately, no longer available. The product line is going through a rebranding, though, and will be back. In the meantime, these products are available for all the little doggies (some of the uni-pets will appeal to cats):

Pet Head_Brochure_2Pet Head_Brochure_1

I just have to say again that I think they have some really great branding!

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