Palmolive: Fresh Infusions

Let’s Get Fresh!

I’m so loving this liquid detergent/soap from Palmolive, Fresh Infusions. Mainly because I’m a sucker for anything lime or basil scented (so you could say I hit the jackpot with this combo!). But also because it’s just really pretty to look at. I mean, who doesn’t want to be fresh? Fresh as in clean OR cool!!!


Clearly it’s apparent as to why I’d want to give this little package a purchase. Like I mentioned before, it’s beautiful, after all. And the product matches up to the quality of the packaging as well….

Here are a few reasons I really enjoy this product and was influenced to give it a try:

  • Fresh, clean appearance. It just has that “spring cleaning” kinda allure.
  • I can only assume it’s going to smell delicious. Lime. Basil. ‘Nuff said.
  • The Palmolive promise of smooth hands. This has long been one of Palmolive’s value propositions, so that’s always a given. You know what they say about smooth hands? No, really, I have no idea so I’m curious to know….
  • It’s compact. I didn’t do the best job of capturing the entire product so as to provide some scale, but it’s much, much smaller than its competitors, and takes up much less room on the kitchen counter (or wherever you store your soap).

One thing that really excites me, and based on my satisfaction of this particular product, are the other flavors in the Palmolive Fresh Infusions collection: Ginger White Tea and Lemon Thyme. Uh…yum!

In addition to just being pretty look at and providing a product that delivers, I love what Palmolive provides consumers on their website by taking a peek into what ingredients comprise these products. For this Lime Basil soap, you can view all of the ingredients here.

What are your thoughts? Think you’d give this product a go ’round?

Interested to learn about all of Palmolive’s suite of products? Check out


3 thoughts on “Palmolive: Fresh Infusions

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  2. Target use to sell this product. I love it and now I can’t find it because Target discontinued selling it at their store. Where can I find this product?

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