Fourever Vodka

I wasn’t, unfortunately, able to capture the highest quality picture when I stumbled across this Fourever Vodka in the store not too long ago, but I think it’s clear enough to get a good feel for what’s appealing about it (at least from my perspective).

Fourever Vodka

I’ve never heard of this brand, but its whimsical, romantic–yet simplistic–bottle immediately caught my attention. The ribbon twists all the way around, giving the sense that it’s floating in the wind. Perhaps it was recently worn by a bride on an oceanside hilltop, and she threw it in the air shortly after saying “I do.” Just admitting her “forevers”….

A bit much?

Well, I think the simplicity of the packaging is what’s most appealing. The consumer can create any kind of story to go along with this. Wait – I think I just did….


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