Method Marketing

Marketing a product can certainly be just as crucial as branding and product packaging. After all, you have a wonderfully packaged product but it may never see the light of day if consumers don’t know about it. Some companies get it right time-after-time, and some have a hiccup or two along the way.

You know I love me some Method. I’ve talked about it at least once on the site so far, and I’m sure there will be many more times to come. But I was recently take aback a little by one of their recent marketing campaigns. Take a look and let me know what you think (I want to be sure it’s not just me that thinks this is a little “off.”)

The Good

I dig the whole “give your nose a hug” concept. Obviously this is gonna be some good smelling stuff. And clearly it’s going to work well doing the cleaning job. Liken it to karate. Very clever, Method! It’s also very colorful and quite pleasing to the eye.

Method Screenshot 1

The Bad

Here’s where I’m getting a little hung up. Is this just an all-around weird site? I mean, when they mention “mother” they’re referring to a mom, right? And what’s with the guy in the background playing guitar? Is he the entertainment for the party? And who’s trying to strangle the young girl? Yes, I’m aware it’s a hula hoop and she’s hula-ing around her neck, but it simply looks odd.

This image was featured on Method’s site homepage for a time. I don’t know – I’m just not feelin’ it.

Method Girl Homepage

What are your thoughts on this?

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