Quip Flops

Quip Flops: Feet Deserve Fun, Too!

My Peep and fellow blogger Robin Dance (aka, “Pensieve Robin”) recently posted photos of these “Quip Flops” on her Facebook Wall and I immediately thought it seemed like the perfect thing to share here. I think this is some of the most fun, clever product packaging I’ve seen in quite some time. Let me know if you feel the same.

Quip Flops 2Quip Flops 1
Quip Flops 3Quip Flops 4

Did a little bit of research and couldn’t seem to find an “official” website about these products but they can be purchased at Cafepress.com (not an affiliate link). Given that, I can’t really speak too much about the company or brand that distributes these shoes/flip flops, but what I can say is:

  • This company certainly has a clear brand identity, and isn’t afraid to embrace it. With sayings like “Friends are therapists you can drink with” and “Toe-tally fabulous” you know this is a company that’s out to have fun!
  • They are environmentally conscious. I mean, their product literally pops-out of the packaging and goes right onto the consumer’s body. Now it would be interesting to know if the “leftover” part of the packaging is recyclable.
  • The target market is identifiable. Women!

Don’t you think these are fun! Definitely stands out to me, and I’d certainly take a second look if I saw sitting on the shelves somewhere. (That tagline in the header is mine, by the way! No stealing, Quip Flops!)


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