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Pet Head: Inside The Brand

So I’ve been wanting to launch this series for quite some time, where I get a better look inside some of the brands & packaging we love by speaking directly with someone involved at the company. And then, of course, share the findings here. Well, I’m happy to say this is the inaugural post in the series, and we’re kicking off with a Q&A with Kyara Mascolo, Pet Head creator and visionary.

We already know I think this brand presents its product in a fun and lighthearted manner, so here’s a little more:

What are your brand’s roots? How did the name come about?
It began with a love for animals. I was a product designer that created ‘Bed Head’ a hair and makeup company that we used to own. We loved our pets so much that we thought we should make a spin off and call it Pet Head. We developed some products on a whim for a tradeshow and the rest was history. I personally have 8 dogs, 8 cats and a pig.

If you can describe the evolution of your product’s packaging aesthetic(s), what would it be?
The packaging was always colorful, shapely, lively and fun. All of our line is good smelling product that have souls.

Pet Head

Bruno & Kyara Mascolo

How does your product stand out from those sitting next to it on the store shelf?
Our products are all bright, colorful and fashion forward that are full of personality. The product creates an emotional connection with the consumer and ends up selling itself.

What are some unique ways your company is engaging with customers?
We’re empowering people to make grooming fun with their pets! We believe that dogs are the new kids, so we want to make the same fun products that we did for humans for pets!

For those who’ve not yet experienced your product, what would be one thing they should know?
They’re all made in the USA, human grade formulas that smell sooo good!!

It’s always nice when a brand’s quality matches the product packaging. Why is yours so good?!
We spend a lot of time perfecting our formulas making sure theyre above and beyond the best quality.

From a brand perspective, what is it you’d like consumers to feel when they look at your product?
We want consumers to know that fun times are guaranteed with all of our products!!

Do you conduct regular focus groups to ensure your product packaging is resonating with consumers?
We engage all types of people in our testing and design process.

Describe your product in one word.


I absolutely loved this interview, and I love this brand. Hope you enjoyed reading it, and gaining a little more insight about the company behind the Pet Head brand and products.

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