Welcome to “It’s All In The Package”!

Congratulations! You’re one of the first lucky visitors to stumble across this new blog about the importance of the relationship between packaging and branding, and the influence both can have on the consumer’s intent to purchase. One moment while I rollout the red carpet for you….

What’s that? Cheeky name, eh? Oh don’t think that part was unintentional by any means!

As both an attentive consumer and an experienced marketer myself, I’ve always had an affinity for attractive, creative, stand-out consumer packaging. It’s typically the first touchpoint the consumer has with any packaged good (and service, one could argue), and while it’s ultimately the product that will convert the purchaser into a lifelong consumer, the packaging can undoubtedly be a strong influencer. Don’t you agree?

So, on this blog I will feature consumer packaged goods (CPG) that cross my path, sometimes hit me on top of the head (hopefully not literally), and provide my own unique insight about what I think is appealing about the package and what the company is doing right.

Enjoy…and along the way I’d love to hear your thoughts (whether you agree with me or disagree). After all, you’re a consumer, too!

“I’ll buy anything once if it’s packaged pretty. After that it’s up to the product itself to keep me coming back for more!” — Ashley K. Edwards


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